Ethel Bayer Santos – Assistant Professor

Originally from a paradisiac island in the south of Brazil. Ethel spent time in the US and UK for her Ph.D. and postdoc, before returning to Brazil to establish her lab and put idealistic ideas into practice. After 5 years, the EBSLab moved to Austin to continue the pursuit of exciting biological questions. When not having fun at the lab, Ethel can be found at nice green places where she can work in amateur environmentalist projects for the conservation of native species.

Stephanie Sibinelli de SousaPostdoctoral Researcher

Having recently earned her Ph.D. in Brazil, Stephanie has just embarked on a new scientific journey in the T6SS world at the University of Texas at Austin. Transitioning from predominantly benchwork, she is now immersing herself in the captivating domains of bioinformatics and data analysis. When not involved in lab work, Stephanie explores parks, attends yoga classes, and embraces the outdoor activities of Austin. She also finds joy in discovering restaurants across the city, adding a culinary dimension to her exploration of Austin’s culture.

Julia Takuno Hespanhol – Graduate Student

Born and raised in the concrete jungle of Sao Paulo, Julia embarked on the mission of hunting T6SS effector during her undergraduate studies. After a master’s in the Bayer-Santos lab in Brazil, she is now a Ph.D. student focusing on characterizing novel Salmonella antibacterial weapons. Outside the lab, she practices her questionable artistic skills, explores city parks and the outdoors.


Joseph P. Munoz – Research Assistant

Joseph is a native Texan and a proud product of San Benito, which is a small town in the Rio Grande Valley. He earned his Bachelor’s in Microbiology and Infectious Diseases from the University of Texas at Austin. Here he gained a love for the small things in life, especially bacteria, and he is excited to join the EBSLab to help contribute to research surrounding the T6SS. Apart from the lab, Joseph enjoys playing recreational sports with friends and going for runs around the Austin community. He is also an avid Texas sports fan, so you can be sure to find him supporting the Longhorns on game days.

Previous members

Gianlucca Gonçalves Nicastro – Senior Scientist/Bioinformatician


Daniel Enrique Sanchez Limache – Graduate Student


André Luiz de Araújo Silva – Graduate student


Gustavo Chagas Santos – Undergraduate student


Lior Karman – Undergraduate student


Luize Nobrega e Silva – Undergraduate student