Ethel Bayer Santos: FAPESP Young Investigator

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Originally from the island of Florianopolis, Ethel left behind the paradisiac coast of the state of Santa Catarina to move to Sao Paulo to pursuit her PhD. After spending time in the US and UK, she returned to Sao Paulo to establish the lab and put her idealistic ideas into practice. When not running the Bayer-Santos lab, Ethel can be found at nice green spots where she can walk with her dogs and work in her amateur environmentalist projects for the conservation of the Atlantic Forest and native species.



Stephanie Sibinelli de Sousa: Graduate student

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In her third year of bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences, Stephanie joined the newly born Bayer-Santos lab, being the first student to venture into the T6SSs universe. She is now a more grown-up master’s student who enjoy learning something new every day at the lab. When not at the lab performing multiple experiments, Stephanie can be found in random cinemas watching movies that nobody knows about, trying to be more physically active or just laughing with her friends.



Julia Takuno Hespanhol: Graduate student

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Born and raised in the concrete jungle of Sao Paulo, Julia discovered halfway through her undergraduate Biology course the joy (and pain!) of microbiological research. When not working with T6SSs of Salmonella, she can be found at home practicing her doubtful artistic skills and prowling the internet after pastries’ recipes.



André Luiz de Araújo Silva: Graduate student

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André was born and raised in the land of Father Cícero at Ceará, where he graduated as a biomedical. After working as a clinical laboratory analyst, he moved to the drizzle land Sao Paulo and joined the Bayer-Santos lab to identify new T6SS effectors using bioinformatics and molecular biology. While not in the lab or on his Linux terminal, he likes to spend time exercising at the gym or training his Muay Thai.



Luize Nobrega e Silva: undergraduate student

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Raised in front of the beach in São Paulo’s coastal region, Luize followed her plan to course Biological Sciences in the big capital of São Paulo. After spending her first years of her undergraduate student at home due to the pandemics, and dreaming about working in a lab with microbiology, she had the opportunity to join the EBS lab. When not learning about the T6SSs or performing experiments, she enjoys being at home trying new art techniques or at some green spot to be in touch with nature.



Lior Karman: undergraduate student

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Lior was born in the capital of São Paulo, where he has lived ever since. As an undergraduate student in biology, Lior discovered an affection for molecular and cell biology and joined the EBS lab to study new antibacterial toxins. When not in the lab or in a class, Lior usually practices classical guitar (and Baden Powell’s songs specially), and reads comics. He is also an amateur Chess player.



Daniel Enrique Sanchez Limache: Graduate Student

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After living in many countries throughout South America during his childhood, Daniel has finally settled in Brazil to finish his studies and obtained his bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences. He worked for a pharmaceutical company where he realized that his true calling was the academy. Now he is working to obtain his master’s degree and studying the T6SS of Salmonella. When he is not at the lab counting dozens of bacterial CFUs, he likes to play card-based games, drink coffee or attempt to play his guitar.



Previous members

Gustavo Chagas Santos: Undergraduate student


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Gianlucca Gonçalves Nicastro: Senior Scientist/Bioinformatician


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